The first time Charlie realised he wanted to be a musician, was just after his parents took him to see an English musical called A Hard Day's Night at his local drive-in. When he was fourteen, he joined his first band as a drummer. It was at this time that he developed an interest in learning the guitar.

Although he enjoyed the drums, he felt the guitar would better serve him when it came to learning new songs. At the age of sixteen he formed a new band as a guitarist and vocalist. Over the years he has played in many cover bands, performing in clubs, at corporate functions, weddings and concerts.

He was offered his first teaching job when he was twenty, teaching beginners at his local community hall. He continued to play professionally for the next twenty years while running a successful entertainment agency. Despite enjoying his time in the business side of music, his true passion was for teaching and performing. His hope, in creating this website, is that he will pass on his extensive musical knowledge acquired from over forty years as a professional musician.

Charlie Pennell