E Picking Blues with Turnaround Part 1

In the first part of this lesson, Charlie is going to introduce a blues in the key of E. In part 2, he will cover a simple turnaround you can use together with this blues.

The diagrams below show the position of the fingers on your left hand to play the basic chords used in this lesson.

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Hello there! What we are going to do today is to look at an E Blues. We're also going to throw in a little thing called turnaround. So, let's get straight into it.

Ok, we're going to start of with our E chord. The next chord required is going to be E7th, so we just drop that fourth finger in on the third fret of the B string. The next chord we want is our E6th. Simple dropping the fourth finger in onto the second fret of the B string. So we've got E chord, E7th, down to E6th.

The next chord we're looking at is our bar chord on the 5th fret and we're playing an A7th chord. Then we go to the 7th in what we call the octave, which is down here on the 8th fret, B string. And then we're moving that into the 7th fret on the B string. So that is A7th chord, A7th on the octave, A6th.

And the final chord we're looking at here is our B7th bar chord. That's up on the 7th fret. Go to the octave: B7th on the octave, which is going to take us to the tenth fret with our little finger, and then we're moving that onto the 9th fret for a B6th chord. So that is B7th chord, B7th on the octave, B6th.

So now let's listen on how that E chord sounds when we play it straight (...). And in my fourth finger on the D note, which is on the B string's third fret (...) and then moving down to the B string second fret (...) gives us our E6th chord. E, E7th, E6th.

Having a look at my A7th chord, I've got barring the fifth fret A7 chord (...) , go to the octave, which is on the B string up on the 8th fret, and then into the 7th fret with my little finger for my A6th chord.

Ok, let's just take a look at what I'm doing with my right hand. I'm using my thumb to play the E bass. I'm using first, second and third fingers to pick upwards on the D string, the G string and on the B string. So I'm missing the A completely, and I'm getting the next three strings. So I get this kind of motion here: thumb, and (the other three) together. The best thing to do with that is to repeat that to get used to the motion.

We are going to play in what we call the shuffle feel: so it will be long short long short long short long short

Ok, so we got our E chord, our E7th, our E6th and back to our E. Put that together with a little bit of speed...

Moving to the A, A7th position, A7th on the octave, A6th and back to A7th.

Take it up to the B on the 7th fret...

Back to the A...

And that brings us to our turnaround. (To be continued in part2).


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