Finger Exercise No 1

In this lesson, Charlie starts with a basic left hand exercise. It is a simple way to get your fingers accustomed to the strings, and it helps you exercise your left wrist.

Below you can see the numbering of the frets (from right to left).

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Hi there guitar players!

What we're going to do is a little thing called the finger exercise, just so that we can get our fingers moving on our left hand. What you've got to remember with the left hand is that the placement of the thumb is pretty important. We don't want the thumb sitting out towards the end of the neck like that. We want it sitting up behind the neck, so when the guitar is nice and straight, it is pointing upwards towards the sky.

Fingers come down on the very tips of the fingers not on the flat of the finger. Make sure you come down from above and you play the note behind the fret. Our first group of notes is going to be all on the first string, and we're going to play with our first finger behind the first fret, pressing down, second finger second fret, third fret, forth finger forth fret, repeat exactly that process moving up onto the second string, one, two, three, four, moving up again to the G string or third string, onto the D string or forth, A string or fifth, E string or sixth...

Remember guys, the speed is not important at this point What we do want to do is achieve a nice clean note. Practice nice and easy. Take your time. Make sure that your hand gets a chance to get used to playing the guitar, gets used to being around the neck.

Remember keep practising. Have a great time. Playing guitar is fantastic fun.


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