G Major Scale Up and Down in 4

In this lesson, Charlie shows us another good practice lesson, going up and down the G scale 4 notes at a time.

The right hand will play with an alternate picking motion. The position of the fingers on the left hand is represented in the diagram below, and underneath the corresponding notes played in the scale.

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In case you missed it ...

In a previous lesson we looked at our G Major scale working up in triplets. This time we're going to go up in groups of 4 notes, so we like to think of this as a G major scale up and back in 4's, ascending and descending. Once again, we'll have a look at our left hand and also at our alternate picking with our right hand.

For those of you not familiar with the G Major scale, we're starting with our second finger on the third fret of the E string, and we go 2 to 4, that's G to A.

First finger second fret of the A string, B second finger on C, fourth finger on D.

Down to the D string, first finger on E, third finger on F#, fourth finger on G.

Next string down, first finger on A, third finger on B, fourth finger on C.

Without shifting our hand at all, we use our second finger on our D note, which is the third fret of the B string, fourth finger on E.

First finger on F#, second fret of the E string, second finger on G, and fourth finger on A.

So, running through the shape ... a bit slower ... going back ...

So, we're starting with our first group of notes. Starting with our second finger on a G and we play: G, A, B, C.

Start one note higher which is on our A note, fourth finger: A, B, C, D.

One note higher again, starting on the B: B, C, D, E.
C, D, E F#.
D, E, F#, G
E, F#, G, A.

Until we work through our entire scale.

Taking a look at the right hand, what we're doing is using our alternate picking, that's down-up for each note. So we play downstroke on the first note, upstroke on the second, down stroke, up stroke, ... just basically work through the scale using that alternate picking format...

Descending, exactly the same idea...

Before you start trying to play though this exercise, I would spend a little bit of time just working through the G Major scale if you are not really familiar with it. Just play the scale through straight, ascend and descend, and then work on your groups of 4... etc. Good luck with it, have fun, practice hard. See you next time.


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