Right Hand Picking Pattern No 2

In this lesson, Charlie is going to cover another simple right hand picking pattern, but in this case he will introduce the concept of an alternate bass.

The diagrams below show the position of the fingers on your left hand to play the basic chords used in this lesson.

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In case you missed it ...

This time what we are going to do is ... we're going to do something a little bit different with our right hand. I'm also going to change the pattern on the right hand, and add what we call an alternate base. So we're going to go from one base note to another base note. So let's get into it...

Ok, so remembering we were going from our Am (A minor) shape into our C shape, and we're going to just move that third finger to achieve that shape. Let's take a look at the right hand. Finger Picking Pattern No 1, we just simply went base note, first, second, third, that's thumb, first, second, third. What we're going to do this time around is base note, first, second, third, second, first. So we get this kind of a pattern happening on our Am chord.... Now if I change into my C chord keep that motion going we get this... Am chord, changing onto the C chord.

Now to achieve an alternative base, all I'm going to do here is just simply go: base note on the A, base note on the D string, that will give me an E note. So that we got on the Am chord base note, go to the D string, back to the A string, down to the D string, change chords, C chord, alternating that base, ...

Ok, let's take a look at it just a little bit faster and see what it sounds like.

As I've said before guys, the thing to remember here is we want a nice even right patter, nice even left hand chord change, so don't rush it, have fun and we'll talk to you soon.


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